Tabernakul Bookstore is located in the very center of Macedonia’s capital and has more than 10.000 new titles, as well as a second hand book department.

It was originally opened in 1991 within the building of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet and was a cult meeting place for all cultural addicts.

In 1999 it moved to the current location. Since then, it hosts different literary events: book promotions, book markers and book illustration exhibitions…

Tabernakul Publishing was established in 1989 as the first privately owned publishing company in Macedonia. We have a wide array of published titles, both from Macedonian authors as well as translations.

In 1998 we started publishing textbooks for primary and secondary education.

In 2002 we initiated the edition Founders comprised of the most eminent Macedonian authors: poets, novelists, playwrights, philosophers.

In 2008 we commenced publishing university textbooks. So far we have produced a significant number of titles from all scientific disciplines...

The printing house “Tabernakul” was founded in 2010. It was established as a result of the long-standing striving of the eponymous publishing house towards better quality, lower prices and shorter deadlines.

We exist only a few years however, thanks to our competent employees and the technology we possess we offer products of high quality and affordable price delivered within reasonable time limit.

We are continuously working on improving the skills of our employees, as well as on the introduction of new and modern technologies, with the goal to offer better and more affordable products.

The printing house "Tabernakul" is strengthened with our 20-year experience in the field of publishing, founded on traditional values such as: trust, honesty and respect. The printing house, constantly putting efforts to offer the best solution to out clients, is being developed in that direction as well.


Hristo Tatarcev 11,1000

+389 2 3115 329


Boris Trajkovski 75,100

+389 2 27 28 324


Todosie Paunov - 3b, 2300 Kocani, Macedonia

+389 33 27 17 22

DID Tabernakul Cardboard Packaging - Kochani is a company that posesses its own cardboard and cardboard packaging production line.
Following the trend of growing needs for ecological packaging (cardboards and cardboard packaging), professionalism and incorporated management potential enabled the company to accomplish great results in the field of manufacturing and sales of corrugated paper, cardboards and cardboard packaging in a short period of time.

The Tabernakul International Literary Award was established in 2012 by Tabernakul, the first independent Macedonian publishing house, founded in 1989. The patron of the Award is the Macedonian Prime Minister. Our aim is to promote significant works of globally-recognised literary merit and to have them translated into Macedonian. The Republic of Macedonia, as a country with a long and considerable heritage in the arts, wishes in this way to celebrate literary achievements worldwide.It is our intention to assign the Award every year to two prominent writers of global stature, whether poets, novelists, short-story writers, playwrights or essayists. The jury which selected the first winners consisted of the prominent Macedonian authors: Ferid Muhić, professor of philosophy, philosopher and poet; Goran Stefanovski, playwright and academic; Cvetan Vrazivirski, publisher, managing director of Tabernakul and poet; and Venko Andonovski, professor of literature, novelist and playwright. Each year the previous year’s winners join the jury.